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In our connected world new technologies, insights, processes and experiences, new ways of sharing moments and connecting with people, have all been made possible thanks to the digital revolution. In just a few decades people have seen the world transform around them, and others have already grown up knowing nothing other than touchscreen technology. New industries have been created, and old industries revolutionized. Society has made a leap from analog, terrestrial and print - to digital, virtual and online.

This seismic shift in how societies connect and communicate has long roots in physics, electromagnetics and radio science. The famous Scottish mathematical physicist James Clerk Maxwell paved the way for modern communications technology, and today Scotland plays a leading role in key digital economies including data science, digital creative arts and financial technology. Embracing new technologies, accessing and empowering data and creating digitised solutions to age old problems are all part of the picture. From remote rural healthcare applications which save lives, data-driven healthcare pathways, to the cutting edge of fintech solutions for global finance, and some of the world’s most successful games franchises – Scotland is creating the digital legends of tomorrow.

In Scotland, our digital capability is legendary. Make your next meeting one where ideas can be shared with a wide community of experts and where inspiration is built in. Scotland is where Ideas Become Legend.

Create an event with world changing ideas: businessevents.visitscotland.com | legends@visitscotland.com

Hear from Gillian Doherty, CEO of the DataLab Scotland, on why Scotland is a motivating and inspiring place for the digital sector, the incredible talent being attracted and nurtured, and about Scotland’s homegrown data and digital events.

Explore what the MICE industry has to say on our digital future in Scotland and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Find conference and event venues in Scotland.


FinTech Scotland

The number of fintech start-ups and SMEs based in Scotland had grown from 25 companies in January 2018 to over 80 today. This is a very encouraging growth which comes both from new start-ups and existing fintech firms moving to Scotland.

DataFest - Scotland’s Festival of Data innovation

DataFest is the UK’s first festival of Data Innovation, aimed at showcasing the growing data science community in Scotland. With over 60 events and 4500 participants across the country  DataFest19 is set to be the biggest yet. But where did it all begin?

Engage Invest Exploit

Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) occupies a unique place in the technology ecosystem in Scotland - connecting disruptive start-ups at the cutting edge of data centric innovation with a global investor audience. Showcasing innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems, the EIE programme boasts a number of successes in its alumni network.

CodeBase Stirling

Based in the former Municipal Buildings in the city's new Digital District, CodeBase Stirling is at the heart of the growing technology ecosystem.

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