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Engineering is in Scotland’s DNA. It’s what we’ve always done, and it’s what we will always do. Engineering is innovation, it is the application of science and mathematics to the creation of structures and devices, machines and materials. Scotland can be harsh – from wide rivers, inaccessible mountains and remote islands, to the wilds of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. But we have overcome the obstacles and made our country one of possibilities.

Scotland’s bridges span huge rivers and are the iconic symbols of our engineering prowess known the world over. Scotland’s Engineers have harnessed and overcome the North Sea and turned Scotland into the Energy Capital of Europe. In Oil and Gas our expertise is exported across the globe as are the engineering solutions developed here. And in renewables Scotland’s has constructed, tested and implemented the most advanced wind and tidal arrays anywhere in the world.

Scotland is a world leader in precision manufacturing and engineering of both large and small scale, civil and mechanical projects. And Scotland has embraced and leads in the fields of advanced nanomaterials, photonics and electrical engineering – sending more satellites into space than any other country in Europe and developing unique new solutions in quantum computing.

In Scotland, our engineering is legendary. Make your next meeting one where ideas can be shared with a wide community of experts and where inspiration is built in. Scotland is where Ideas Become Legend.

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Engineering Development Trust

It is estimated that 65% of Scotland’s current pupils will work in jobs and careers that do not yet exist.  A recent analysis by the IET found that those who work in a STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) related career are over two and a half times more likely to be working in their dream career path than those outside of STE(A)M.

Wave Energy Scotland

Scotland has a heritage as a maritime nation, and also of invention that has shaped the modern world; it was only a matter of time before this expertise was turned to the extensive natural resources along the coast.

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