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Life Sciences have been at the core of Scotland’s academic success for centuries. From the early days of surgery, the discovery of penicillin, making the link between mosquitos and malaria, to the invention of the MRI scanner - Scotland is the home of world leading research and invention in human healthcare, animal and plant sciences, aquaculture, agritech and industrial biotechnology.

Scotland has hosted countless major Life Science congresses, and has a proven track record of making these innovative, pioneering and ambitions – supported by the wealth of academic and industry knowledge in this sector in our cities and regions. Scotland has invested heavily in innovation and excellence centres to catalyse collaborations between industry and academia. In the last five years 6 new Innovation Centres directly aligned to the Life Sciences have opened, supporting established centres including the internationally acclaimed Roslin Institute - birthplace of Dolly the Sheep.

The study of life is a vast subject, from DNA and cloning, to understanding plankton levels in our seas and the ripple effect the oceans have on us all. Scotland ranks worldwide among the leading 3 countries for research productivity and impact. With 19 universities and world leading research centres, Scotland has the largest concentration of animal health and aquaculture researchers in Europe.

In Scotland the opportunity to connect academia, practitioners, researchers, inventors and other healthcare professionals with your delegates offers you powerful engagement opportunities that create lasting legacies for your event, the local Life Sciences community and future generations.

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Hear Julia Brown, Director of Life and Chemical Sciences at Scottish Enterprise on the importance of the Life Sciences sector in Scotland, its latest innovations and its impact on the world.

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Read below articles from Scotland’s life sciences experts:

Scottish Enterprise

Scotland has a thriving life sciences cluster, employing over 37,000 people across some 700 organisations. As Scotland is a relatively small country, our life sciences cluster is compact and accessible.

University of Strathclyde

Scotland has around 18,000 km of coastline, which is approximately six times the size of its land area. The biological richness of the Scottish marine environment is hard to calculate but scientists are attempting to unlock its potential. Somewhere in its depths could be cures for the diseases of today and tomorrow.

The Regenerative Medicine Revolution

Scottish Development International on how Scotland has the perfect ecosystem for companies making advances in regenerative medicine.

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A World Leader

2017 was strong on growth, with a record £152 million of investment in the sector, and we continue to lead the world in medical innovation and research.

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'World-first' medicine centre to be located in Scotland

The first centre of its kind in the world, it is also predicted to attract £80m of research and development investment by 2028.

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