Technology Scotland

Tech in Scotland - Proud Legacy, Bold Future

By Stephen Taylor, CEO of Technology Scotland.

As part of VisitScotland's Legends campaign, which showcases the world leading research and technology at work across Scotland's key sectors, we spoke to Stephen Taylor, CEO of Technology Scotland, the national industry body for Emerging and Enabling Technologies, about the important role technology has to play in Scotland's future. From stimulating sustained local growth, to raising the national profile and helping solve the collective problems the world faces, technology will continue to play a defining role in Scotland for many years to come.

Scotland has always been recognised as a country of innovators and is famously the home of many life changing inventions, from chloroform and penicillin to television and the telephone.

In the 21st century, new grand challenges have emerged such as sustainability, health, transport, security and the environment. While these challenges are inherently interdisciplinary and complex, involving not just science and engineering, but also policy, government, and geopolitics, it is clear that advances in technology will be critical to unlocking innovation and catalysing step changes in efficiency and productivity.

It is becoming increasingly common that solutions to these global challenges emerge, not from a single individual, company or nation, but through closer collaboration with international partners. In this collaborative environment, it is vital that we ensure Scotland has the opportunities to make connections and foster future relationships that may lead to future ground-breaking innovation.

The Technology Sector will be the driving force behind Scotland’s ambition to be at the leading edge of global innovation.

Scotland remains a leading innovator in many technology areas such as renewable energy, medical imaging, life sciences, photonics, and digital technologies. Today we can point to real life examples, like nano-fabricationforest carbon mapping and development of the BRaMMS Laser as areas in which Scottish industry is leading by example and developing new techniques and technologies. However, with the rate of technology change arguably at its highest in history, and global competitiveness increasing thanks to the emergence of new major economies, it is more important than ever that Scotland grows this profile in the eyes of the international community. By doing so, Scotland will maintain its position on the world stage, attracting not only the best talent in the world, but also the crucial inward investment that supports job growth and economic prosperity.

Business Events are instrumental to the development of new ideas – they provide opportunity for collaboration and discussion, which in turn lead to new ideas and ways of working. In addition, attracting large international events to Scotland highlights our position at the forefront of innovation, building connections with the international community and ensuring Scotland remains an important partner in global efforts to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.

About Technology Scotland

Technology Scotland is the leading cluster organisation for industry, academia, and other institutes engaged in theEmerging & Enabling (E&E) Technology sectors in Scotland, including advanced materials, electronics, nanotechnology, photonics, and advanced manufacturing

Formed in response to industry demands, Technology Scotland is the representative body for E&E Technology organisations in Scotland, blending diverse technology interests, and providing the community with an independent voice.

Technology Scotland brings like-minded companies together to solve problems, drive economic development, and build supply chains. In addition, Technology Scotland provides a range of services including events, workshops, Special Interest Groups, and collaborative networking, to help its membership improve their global competitiveness.

With thanks to Stephen Taylor and everyone at Technology Scotland.

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